SEC 310 Princpls & Theory of Sec Mgmt – Devry SEC310 Complete Course


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SEC 310 Princpls & Theory of Sec Mgmt – Devry SEC310 Complete Course

Week 1


Introduction to Security

Chapter 1: Homeland Security: What Has Happened to Security Since 9/11?

Chapter 2: Origins and Development of Security

Chapter 3: Defining Security’s Role

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 2

TCOs 4, 5

The Legal, Ethical, and Risk Environments

Chapter 4: The Proprietary Security Organization

Chapter 10: Interior and Exterior Security Concerns

Chapter 11: The Inner Defenses: Intrusion and Access Control

Home Security Vulnerabilities: Part 1

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 3

TCOs 2, 3, 8

Physical Security Planning and Implementation

Chapter 8: Risk Analysis, Security Surveys, and Insurance

Chapter 9: The Outer Defenses: Building and Perimeter Protection


Graded Discussion Topics

Week 4

TCOs 6, 7

Using Insurance and Controlling Theft

Chapter 12: Contingency Planning, Fire Protection, Emergency Response, and Safety

Chapter 13: Internal Theft Controls and Personnel Issues

Chapter 15: Violence and Drug Use in the Workplace

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 5

TCOs 6, 7, 9

The Workplace and Employees

Chapter 6: Security Education, Training, Certification, and Regulation

Chapter 16: Retail Security

Home Security Vulnerabilities: Part 2

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 6


Impact of Terrorism on Business

Chapter 14: Transportation and Cargo Security

Chapter 17: Terrorism and Other Tools of Destruction

Chapter 19: Selected Security Threats of the 21st Century


Graded Discussion Topics

Week 7

TCOs 7, 9

Information Assurance

Chapter 18: Computers, Information, and Information Systems Security

Chapter 20: Security: The Future

Graded Discussion Topics

Week 8

All TCOs

Final Exam


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