PA 600 Capstone Project Keller

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PA 600 Capstone Project Keller

PA 600 Entire Course Project Keller 

PA600 P-Plan Outline and Grading Guide

Please use this outline and grading package as a guide to write your Keller PA600 P-Plan project. Your faculty member will use it as a grading guide as well. This package is meant to provide very specific direction to the important elements of the P-Plan as practiced in Keller’s MPA Capstone course. While it serves as a general topic outline for our plans, each plan will vary somewhat from this structure. PA600 is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives you have studied and learned at Keller. This P-Plan assignment will challenge you to practice the concepts you have learned in your MPA program. To that end, your team is challenged to develop a plan that brings in real world understanding and information. As a team, you will research your chosen marketplace, and use realistic and real-world information for the foundation of your plan. You will demonstrate that your concepts have been researched and are viable by using and implementing primary research in your plan. The plan outline and key questions to be answered are supplied in this guide. If you follow the outline here, as well as do the readings in your textbook, and use the lecture and tutorial guidelines, you will be on your way to creating a viable and exciting P-Plan. Please review this document and refer to it throughout the term. Importantly, you should allow the grading rubric to somewhat organize your plan, so that your faculty member will have at his or her fingertips, the needed information in an organized fashion, to allow your team to achieve the most points possible. However, do not take a “cook-book” approach to this Plan, because no two Plans will (or should) be alike. Depending upon your organization (whether it’s nonprofit, governmental, or public health), you will have to follow the plan with an eye and ear toward your organization’s needs. Your faculty member, an expert in the public administration arena, understands this fact. So, do not be concerned if your organization seems unique, because that’s a good thing! There are four components to the Capstone Project (also known as the P-Plan). The four components are:

  • P-Plan Proposal (due in Week 2)
  • Summary Document (due in Week 5)
  • P-Plan (due in Week 7)
  • Oral Presentation (due in Week 8)

PA 600 Week 2 P-Plan Proposal

Baby Boomers Faced by Inadequate Health Insurance-22 Power Point Slides Keller PA 600

Week 5 Making the Case to Funders and Committees Paper 8 Pages Keller


The United States of America has been identified as having the world’s largest Baby Boomer population.  In particular, the Baby Boomer generation consists of people who were born between 1946 and 1964.  The majority of baby boomers reached the age of 65 by the year 2009. The stakeholders for this P-plan play a significant part in this project as they represent the groups for which this initiative will be of interest.  The audience for this P-Plan is the government from which the organization aims to gain support and which will be responsible for implementing programs that will attract the younger generations of students into the healthcare…. The objective of this project is to ensure that members of the Baby Boomer generation receive access to adequate healthcare.  In order to achieve this, assistance such as government funding and adequate staffing are essential. The objective focuses mostly on…

PA 600 Week 7 and 8 Oral Presentation 44 Pages Plus Power Point Presentation Keller


Organization ABC is a non-profit organization determined to bring the younger generation into the healthcare industry in order to assist with the healthcare needs of the Baby Boomers. As members of the Baby Boomer generation live longer, their healthcare needs also increase. In this regard, Organization ABC aims to tap into the talent pool from the members of Generation Y who demonstrate that they have the skills and desire to contribute to the achievement of the organization’s mission. The audience for this P-Plan is the government from which the organization aims to gain support and which will be responsible for implementing programs that will attract the younger generations of students into the healthcare industry, particularly in the fields of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, pharmacy, and dentistry.  This P-plan aims to appeal to the Department of Health as they can facilitate the provision of healthcare services to the baby boomers.  In addition, other audiences for this P-plan include representatives… The Organizational chart of the P-Plan consists of the Board of Directors who oversees the project and delegates authority to the Chief Executive Officer.  The Board of Directors has sufficient authority or influence to get the cooperation of key stakeholders.  They also approve the budget of the project and monitor the effectiveness of the Chief Executive Officer who is… The proponents have opted to use a Program Budget for the P-Plan after careful study of the organization’s a bureaucratic nature. By selecting this budget type, the proponents are not only able to set and appropriate mini-budgets to the different units of the program, but are also able to identify a clear linkage between the program activities and the allocated funds. The Program Budget designed for the P-Plan allows for the setting of spending levels and priorities… One of the major tasks of this P-Plan is to ensure that the project is financially stable and trustworthy so that funds can be obtained from donors and grantors and so that the organization’s products and services can be sufficiently provided to the organization’s clients. Therefore, the following financial policies shall be implemented:

Budget. As the framework of the P-Plan, budget provides direction to meet the goals and objectives of the P-Plan; thus, the first financial policy is to establish a budget for the project…. Organization ABC’s P-Plan focuses on recruiting students from the younger generation in order to address the shortage of workers in the healthcare industry.  Baby boomers that are now in need of medical care can benefit from this younger generation of healthcare providers and the organization intends to promote career opportunities in the healthcare industry within schools and communities. This would allow students to participate in internship or volunteer….

***Week 8 resulted in adding on slides to week 7 presentations.


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