PA 584 Midterm Exam Intergovernmental Management Keller

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PA 584 Midterm Exam Intergovernmental Management Keller

PA 584 Midterm Exam Intergovernmental Management Keller

(TCO B) The bicameral legislature that exists in the United States today was formulated during the Constitutional Convention (Points : 5)

Exactly per the Virginia Plan

Exactly per the New Jersey Plan

As a compromise on the issue of proportional representation

None of the above

(TCO B) New Federalism is a term that was used by (Points : 5)

Richard Nixon

Ronald Reagan

George H.W. Bush

All of the above

(TCO C) When a conflict between two or more states arises, the ultimate resolution of the matter (Points : 5)

Could reach the Supreme Court of the United States

Would need to be decided by the Congress of the United States

Should be decided by the President of the United States

Must result in an interstate compact

(TCO C) The genesis of the idea for an interstate compact through the passage of the legislation in two or more states and the implementation is a multiple-step process. One such step or series of steps is (Points : 5)

To reconcile the differences in the enabling statutes passed in the various states

To always seek Congressional approval for the compact

To have the administrative structure setup pending the passage of legislation

To identify stakeholders of the issue, determine the needs of the particular states, and draft the documents to create the compact if enacted by the applicable legislatures

(TCO D) When the federal government is attempting to implement a policy nationally, and that policy is within the permitted powers, it can influence the states to comply by (Points : 5)

mandating that each and every state follow the federal rule

Providing funding to cover part or all of the cost of a state in meeting the requirements

Using persuasion rather than mandates

All of the above

(TCO D) Which model of the relationships between the national, state, and local governments views the relationship of the national government and state governments as independent and autonomous? (Points : 5)




None of the above

(TCO D) Under which model of the relationships between the national, state, and local governments is there deemed to be a hierarchy of power with a lower level dependent on the higher level(s)?




None of the above

(TCO B) Explain the basics of a unitary form of government including a brief mention of one of its strengths as compared to a federal government. (Points : 10)

The unitary model is a structure that in which all decision making is made or rests in the hands of the…

(TCO C) Discuss key characteristics of the United States of America immediately after ratification of the Constitution as compared to under the Articles of Confederation. (Points : 20)

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States of America. It was drafted around 1776 to late 1777.  It became a formal rectification by all…

(TCO C) What is meant by the term “home rule?” Briefly, how does it compare to Dillon’s Rule? (Points : 20)

One advantage of the home rule is that it enables the citizens to choose the type of government they prefer.  Also, with the diversity of local communities, the home rule allows the citizens to implement their preferred solutions for their…

(TCO D) What were the first three executive level departments created in federal government of the United States of America? In what way was that indicative of the role of the federal government at that time? (Points : 15)

The first three executive branch departments that were created by federal government where the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of…

(TCO B) Discuss the basic viewpoints of dual federalism and cooperative federalism. Focus please on the role of the federal government and the respective state governments. Feel free to include a brief discussion of historical events that have led into these viewpoints of federalism. (Points : 30)

The first type of federalism that was implemented in the United Sates was dual federalism, which started at around 1789 and lasted until World War II. This type of federalism refers to a political theory where two governments share sovereign power over a

(TCO D) An interstate compact is an important tool for management of policy issues that cross jurisdictional lines. Please define the term interstate compact. Explain the steps that are needed from the time that an interstate related problem is recognized to the time that an appropriate agreement is implemented. (Points : 25)

Interstate compacts in the United States were first used by the American colonies to settle boundary disputes. According to the websites listed below, after the American Revolution, states continued to use interstate compacts to meet their various needs. Although these compacts were necessary for…


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