PA 584 You Decide Intergovernmental Management Week 3 Keller

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PA 584 You Decide Intergovernmental Management Week 3 Keller

PA 584 You Decide Intergovernmental Management Week 3 Keller


Due to budget problems, a number of programs have had to be eliminated at the publicly supported universities in your state. One result is that certain specific majors are no longer available at any of those universities. Each of those majors is offered, though, at a state university in a neighboring state. Conversely, your state’s institutions offer certain majors not available in that other state. An analyst in the state’s higher education department has advocated that an agreement be entered with the neighboring state to allow reciprocity on in-state tuition for those programs. The executive director of the department is enthusiastic and wants to expand the concept to an interstate compact covering other areas of mutual interest. The speaker of the state house of representatives, however, has already stated her opposition to any such arrangements.



You need to draft an analysis and recommendation to the governor. At this point, the governor is looking mainly for your opinion. Legal counsel will be consulted if needed on the finer points that you may raise. Specific questions that should be addressed include the following:

  • What is the provision of the United States Constitution that may apply in the case of an agreement or compact between two or more states?
  • Do you think that the proposal of James Raika to just enter into an agreement between the departments falls under that provision? Do you think that his proposal is reasonable? What do you see as the major advantage of that proposal? In your view, what is a major problem with this limited approach?
  • Why do you suppose that Morgan James wants to take a more expanded approach? What do you think are some of the benefits of that approach? What do you feel are the potential problems? What would be the sequence of events for proceeding to try to gain approval?
  • If Margaret Smith is opposed to the idea, in either form, what are the implications? Why do you think she is against the idea? What might you be able to do to help coordinate a discussion between the parties?

After reading through the You Decide activity and considering the questions listed here, please prepare a paper in APA format. The paper should be written to the governor with a brief summary of the overall issue and responses to the specific questions posed above. The paper should be double spaced, 11-point or 12-point type, and between 750 and 1,500 words.


With a mutual aid agreement, the two states will be able to share information, personnel, equipment, and supplies.  As such, this will enable the students from both states to easily avail of the higher education courses that they need without causing too much disruption in the operations of the state universities in both states.  There would be no need to train new employees, as the universities in both states will continue to function as they do.  However, the state provides in-state tuition to…


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