NETW 310 Week 7 Lab Report

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NETW 310 Week 7 Lab Report

1. Looking at the above graph, write a short paragraph on what is happening here with the congestion window and the flight size. (8 points)

ß 2. In the results browser, bring up the Global TCP statistics for delay (sec) and segment delay sec). In a short paragraph, comment on the delay graph. (8 points)

ß 3. Overlay the statistics for client-received segment ack number and sent segment ack number. Write a short paragraph on why the client numbers are so different from the servers, and an explanation of what is happening. (9 points)

ß 1. Given the configuration of the packet discarder, write a short paragraph explaining why the server’s Congestion Window size has this variation. Paste a copy of this window into your answer. When finished, hide or delete the panel. (4 points)

ß 2. Examine the statistics for the client node. Can you tell if the packet drops have affected anything on the client? (4 points)

ß 3. Examine the delay stats for the entire network (Global) and for the nodes. Can you see any delay caused by these drops? (4 points)

ß 4. Copy this window to your answer sheet, and in a short paragraph, explain why the congestion window sizes are different in the two scenarios. (4 points)

ß 5. Unselect the servercongestion window and then select server flight size. Show and zoom the window as done previously. Copy this window to your lab report, and in a short paragraph, explain why the server flight sizes are different in the two scenarios. (4 points)

ß 6. In a short paragraph, summarize your overall findings in regard to what happens in flow control and how error control can affect it. This was a very limited demonstration, so explain briefly how you might project these results onto a large and active network and what problems might arise. (5 points)


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