NETW 310 Week 1 Lab Examine the Physical Layer

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NETW 310 Week 1 Lab Examine the Physical Layer

iLab 1 of 7: Examine the Physical Layer (70 points)


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Scenario and Summary

In this first week of the course, we are discussing the signals seen at layer 1, the physical layer, of the OSI model. For wired media, such as a UTP cable used in a local area network or a fiber optic cable used to interconnect local area networks inside of a building, the signal is not easily viewed with the tools a network manager would have access to nor would such viewing aid them in diagnosing and correcting problems on the network. However, for the wireless signals that we are seeing more and more use of, these are easily viewed by using a low-cost spectrum analyzer. In this lab, we will look at the different types of spectrum analyzers, typical signals seen on them, and then use one of them to examine wireless signals.

This lab is in two parts. In part one you will learn how to use the tool required to conduct analysis such as this in the real world. In part two you will watch a video that shows common wireless signals. The grade for part one is based on your successful completion of a set of questions demonstrating that you understand what a spectrum analyzer is and what type of information it displays to the network manager. The grade for part two is based on your ability to use what you learned in part one to identify and classify common waveforms seen in typical wireless local area networks.


You are required to submit a lab report to the Week 1 Dropbox.


STEP 1: Watch Videos

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Part One – What a Spectrum Analyzer Is and How to Use a Spectrum Analyzer

  1. Watch each of these videos in order to learn about spectrum analysis.
  2. Types of Spectrum Analyzers Transcript
  3. Recognizing the Noise Floor Transcript
  4. Recognizing Unlicensed Bands Signals Transcript
  5. Recognizing Co-Channel Interference Transcript
  6. Recognizing Adjacent Channel Interference Transcript
  7. Recognizing All Channel Interference Transcript

Part Two – Identify and Classify Common Waveforms

Watch this video and then answer the question on the lab report template based on what you see. Identify and Classify Common Waveforms.

STEP 2: Download Lab Report Template

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Download this week’s Lab Report Template.

STEP 3: Answer the questions

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Answer the 10 questions on identifying and classifying common waveforms.

STEP 4: Submit Your Work

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Submit your completed report to the Dropbox.


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