MKTG 420 Week 6 Quiz

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MKTG 420 Week 6 Quiz

1. (TCO 7) The leading cause of plateauing for women is which of the following?

2. (TCO 7) If you were a sales manager, which of the following would you consider to be a signal of plateauing among your salespeople?

3. (TCO 7) As a newly hired salesperson, you have been assigned to a territory where your manager basically communicates in a style that tells you when and how to close a sale, with little opportunity for feedback or questions from you. This is an example of which leadership style?

4. (TCO 8) Fred used to be a high-performing sales representative for you. However, he has not performed well lately. You’ve decided that it is time to have a talk with Fred. One of the things that you want to cover in this meeting is making sure that Fred realizes what he needs to do to increase his motivation. You plan on explaining expectancy theory, which is based on the relationship between which of these elements?

5. (TCO 8) Motivation is an individual’s willingness to exert effort to achieve the organization’s goals, while satisfying individual needs. Inherent in this definition are which of these three components?

6. (TCO 8) _______________ based programs are most often used for motivating salespeople, directing salesperson effort, and providing a performance standard.

7. (TCO 9) The statement that “any person who decides in every situation to act as a good man is bound to be destroyed in the company of so many men who are not good” was made by which of the following?

8. (TCO 9) The first step in attempting to arrive at a decision for a moral problem is to do which of the following?

9. (TCO 9) “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is best termed as which of the following?

10. (TCO 9) An excellent way for a manager to build a strong sales ethics program is which of the following?


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