HCA 421 Ashford Health Care Planning and Evaluation Complete

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HCA 421 Ashford Health Care Planning and Evaluation Complete

Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1

Describe the key dimensions of an organizational strategy as well as how they would, or would not, be relevant to the “strategic mindset” or the ability to think “strategically” of an organization’s management. Do you think these are learned or innate traits?

Week 1 DQ 2

Compare and contrast strategic “resources” and “competencies” and identify what role (if any) licensed health care providers in an organization play in the competitive advantage of a health care organization.


Week 2

Week 2 DQ 1

If the movement toward “consumer-driven health care” continues to advance, speculate on how a health care organization may want to improve the way that it assesses and interacts with its market and customers, including providing health services and programs to meet the needs of a diverse population. Reflect on how this development may (or may not) affect those who are already under-served in a market.

Must be at least 300 words and have two recent scholarly references.

Week 2 DQ 2

Describe Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model. What does he attempt to explain? How might the forces function and affect industry profits?


Week 2 Assignment

HCA 421 Week 2 (Competition in Healthcare) (1300+ Words)

Week 3

Week 3 DQ 1

Explain the four fundamental ways in which a business can grow its revenues and profits. Then, describe the five generic types of growth strategy available to individual SBUs. Hypothesize what metrics a program executive might use to monitor these strategies. Must be at least 300 words with two recent scholarly references.

Week 3 DQ 2

Explain, in your own words, the terms “mission,” “vision,” “goals,” and “values” statements. What is the practical purpose of a statement of organizational values? Under what circumstances should an organization consider changing these – if at all? How do they play into the strategic direction of an organization? If you are a departmental manager, how do you implement and sustain these in your organization?

Week 3 Assignment:

HCA 421 Week 3 (Strategic Planning and Evaluation Mayo Clinic) (2450 Words)


Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1

To my present perspective the formulation of a strategy is more important than the implementation, since the implementation is mechanical and can be performed by different people

Week 4 Assignment:

HCA 421 Week 4 (Communication in the Planning Process) (1400+ Words)

Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1

Describe the four primary purposes of a professional strategic financial management function in an organization. Further elaborate on how reimbursement, supply and demand, contractual adjustments, patient mix, regulatory legislation etc. may influence (or not) these purposes. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings


Week 5 DQ 2

Examine the past

Five weeks and the information read and discussed. Present to the class a topic

That has not been covered in class that you find important to the course

Material, one that applies to you professionally, or one that is perplexing to

You for further exploration

Week 5 Assignment:

HCA 421 Week 5 (Challenges The Future Direction of Health Care) (1600+ Words)


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