ECET 340 Week 5 HomeWork 5

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ECET 340 Week 5 HomeWork 5

1. Explain, briefly, why an analog restoring filter is sometimes used at the output of a DAC.

2. Given Iref = 2 mA for a DAC1408 IC, find Iout for the input 1110 1110

3. Find the number of discrete voltages output by a 12-bit DAC. Show work.
4. Use the internet to locate the data sheet for an MC1408 DAC. From it find, for the MC1408-7 version, the following:

a. The settling time

b. Accuracy at full scale output current (1.99 mA), 25ºC

c. Output current range when -7V < vee=””>< -15v=”” is=”” used.=””>

5. Assume that an MC1408 DAC is attached to Port T of an HC12 Microprocessor as shown below. Verify that the program below outputs 8 different values to the DAC and determine the output voltage (Vout) after each output operation. Show your work in the space below

6. How does the SCI system achieve synchronization between the transmitter and receiver?

7. The SCI1 serial port is initialized for 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and 2400 baud. How much time is required to data transfer 3000 characters?
8. Why is the maximum data rate of the SPI system faster than the SCI system?

9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the SCI versus SPI data transfers.

10. Provide the C language code to set the SPI to the lowest frequency.


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