CARD 205 Week 2 Self Assesment

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CARD 205 Week 2 Self Assesment

Self-Assessment (due in this Week)

In Week 1, you should have completed the following assessments from your textbook.

  1. Marketing Readiness Quiz (pp. 8–16)
  2. Self-Awareness Checklist (pp. 16–17)
  3. Ability Assessment (pp. 17–19)
  4. Transferable Skills Checklist (pp. 19–20)
  5. Work Environment and Life Preferences (pp. 20–21)
  6. Self-Assessment Summary Sheet (pp. 21–22)

You will be using these results to prepare your Self-Assessment assignment that is due this week.

The assignment template and grading rubric are available in Doc Sharing. Save the template file by adding your last name to the template filename (e.g. Week2_Self-Assessment_Template_Smith.docx). Be sure to proofread and spell check your work before you submit it.


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