BUSN 460 Final Team Report and Presentation

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BUSN 460 Final Team Report and Presentation

Senior project busn 460 : Final Team Report and Presentation

Week 7 FINAL PRESENTATION (Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
and Web conferencing)

Each consulting team will submit to the CanGo
management team a definitive presentation addressing CanGo’s notable challenges,
the team’s recommendations, in priority sequence, with justifications, for how
to resolve the challenges at CanGo. The teams will use the weekly video episodes
to observe the challenges at CanGo, how the personnel are performing, seeing
where there are gaps and/or how their performance as well as that of CanGo’s
operations can be enhanced. The following are the specific features of the Week 7 Final

The instructor will announce the date and time for the Final Presentation
during Week 1. All teams will present in one session lasting approximately 3
hours in Week 7. Similar to any other Final Examination, it is up to you to be
ready to present at the required date and time. Since you will have almost two
months to arrange your schedules, you are expected to do what it takes to be
available to present with your team and attend the entire session.
The Final Presentation (PowerPoint 2010 document) must be attached
Document Sharing > Final Reports and Presentations at least 12 hours
prior to the scheduled iConnect presentation time.
All teams will present during the scheduled final iConnect session.
All team members must participate in the Web iConnect presentation.
Therefore, you must have a microphone installed and working before the scheduled
start time to join in the delivery of the presentation. (Testing of microphone
and speakers must be completed before the end of Week 6). Microphones are
usually around $8-$10, and are available at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City,
Wal-Mart, etc.
You must participate in a practice session in order to test your microphone
at some point between Weeks 2 and 6.
Please enter the iConnect session at
least 10 minutes prior to the start of your final session!
Each team will have 15 minutes to present the team’s Report.
When your presentation is concluded, other students and the instructor will
ask questions about your challenges and conclusions (you may defer a specific
question to a teammate who covered that particular element).
Due to the time constraints, the maximum number of slides is 15.
Format: Font type – whatever you believe will produce the best results for
Font size: Legible to an audience using a projector.
Text: Short bullet points are best (see example in Document

The Final Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
presentation) must be posted by the Week 7 Team Leader in Document
Sharing > Final Reports and Presentations at least 12 hours
prior to the schedule iConnect Final Presentation time. Do not use the Dropbox
for submitting these files.

Week 8 FINAL REPORT (Using Microsoft
Word 2010)
Your team’s Final Report must support your PowerPoint
2010 presentation. The report will contain details of the challenges that CanGo
faces, the team’s recommendations to resolve the challenges along with
supporting plans and actions.

Use the Final Report Rubrics document (found in Document
Sharing) as a guide for the expected content and sections for this

You may prepare other materials (Gantt charts, diagrams, etc.) to support
your conclusions and recommendations. Paper length: 2000 – 2500 Words. Font face: Times New Roman Font size: 12 pt Line spacing: Double spaced Margins: Left, Right, Top and Bottom must not exceed 1 inch


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