BUSN 427 All 7 Weeks Discussions

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BUSN 427 All 7 Weeks Discussions

BUSN 427 All 7 Weeks Discussions

w1 dq1 – Identifying Global Business Opportunities
w1 dq2 – Differences in Political Economy and Culture

w2 dq1 – Ethics in International Business
w2 dq2 – Theory and Political Economy in International Trade
w3 dq1 – FDI and Political Ideology
w3 dq2 – Regional Economic Integration
w4 dq1 – Foreign Exchange Markets—PPP
w4 dq2 – The International Monetary System—IMF
w5 dq1 – Strategies of International Business
w5 dq2 – Entering Foreign Markets
w6 dq1 – Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade
w6 dq2 – Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics
w7 dq1 – Global Marketing and R & D
w7 dq2 – Global Human Resource Management


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