BUSN 420 Week 6 Quiz

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BUSN 420 Week 6 Quiz

1. (TCO 7) The process behind the production of “Fast Pace,” a racecar video game, is protected by _____.

2. (TCO 7) RiteMade Machinery, Inc., designs, makes, and sells a drill press. Steel Equipment Company copies the design without RiteMade’s permission. Steel’s conduct is actionable provided

3. (TCO 7) Joey reproduces Mina’s copyrighted work without paying royalties. Joey is most likely excepted from liability for copyright infringement under the “fair use” doctrine if

4. (TCO 7) Diamond Financial Planners employs Ella, who is the firm’s most productive performer. Ella, dissatisfied with the commission structure, quits to work for Feldstar Investments, Inc. She takes her list of Diamond clients to induce them to switch to Feldstar. Trade secrets law covers

5. (TCO 7) Delite Toys, Inc., makes EZ Goo, a famous children’s toy. Without Delite’s consent, Fast Adhesives Company begins to use “ezgoo” as part of the URL for Fast’s website. Fast claims that no consumer would confuse the website with the toy. Fast has committed

6. (TCO 8) Via the Internet, Rocky sabotages the computer system of Quik Chik’n Company, a food manufacturer, with the purpose of altering the levels of ingredients of the company’s products so that consumers of the food become ill. Rocky is _____.

7. (TCO 8) Via e-mail, Vern makes repeated credible threats to Ursula that put her in reasonable fear for her safety. This is ­­­_____.

8. (TCO 8) Nestor establishes a phony account in Meet+Greet, a social network, and creates a fictitious persona to cyberbully Leona. This is ­­_____.

9. (TCO 8) In Las Vegas, Nevada, Kurt places a bet on a football game with a bookmaker via a website based in Las Vegas. In Cleveland, Ohio, Dorothy places a bet on the same game with a bookmaker via a website based in Cleveland. Gambling is regulated in _____.

10. (TCO 8) Boris programs software to prompt a computer to continually crash and reboot. Boris’s goal is to install this program on various companies’ computer systems without the companies’ knowledge. The program can reproduce itself, but must be attached to a host file to travel from one computer network to another. This program is ­_____.


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