BUSN 412 Week 6 Quiz


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BUSN 412 Week 6 Quiz

1. Question

Technical Computer Graphics uses small project teams and forms alliances with its teams, customers, and suppliers to accomplish projects. This is an example of ________________

combining forms of organizational structure.


horizontal systems and processes.

democratic management control.

2. Question

Organizations generally tend to become internally focused when faced with:

Resource scarcity

Declining performance

External pressures

All of the above

3. Question

All of the following except ___________ can be considered tools and techniques used to achieve effective coordination and integration of key activities in an organization.

communications and information technologies

horizontal organization structures

horizontal systems and processes

horizontal diversification

4. Question

When______________, effective ambidextrous organizations have alignment.

there is a clear sense of how value is being created in the short term and how activities are properly integrated and coordinated

employees are rewarded according to both profit and sales growth

managers are focused on growth opportunities

divisional-level goals are consistent with overall corporate goals

5. Question

Effective ambidextrous structures, according to a study by O’Reilly and Tushman, had all of the following attributes except:

Managerial efforts were highly focused on revenue enhancement

Cross-fertilization among business units

A clear and compelling vision

Established units were shielded from the distractions of launching new businesses

6. Question

It can be said that managers, when faced with ethical crises, should:

Student Answer: Take the initiative to address the problem

Focus on issues most relevant to stockholders

Wait for the other party to make the first move

Cover up as much as possible

7. Question

___________________is the only statement about ethical organizations that is false.

“Ethical values shape the search for opportunities”

“Organizational ethics define what a company is and what it stands for”

“The potential benefits of an ethical organization are few but direct”

“Ethics provide a common frame of reference that serves as a unifying force”

8. Question

Proactive measures to prevent organizational ethics problems include all of the following except:

Student Answer: Instituting a reward system which considers outcomes as its primary criterion.

Using leaders as role models of ethical behavior.

Issuing statements describing the organization’s commitment to certain standards of behavior.

Using the organization’s information systems as a control system.

9. Question

The statement “__________________” would least likely be found in a corporate credo.

Provide secure and stable employment for employees.

Establish an environment that enhances professional growth.

Support community organizations and projects.

Maximize financial benefits for stakeholders.

10. Question

All of the following are elements of the Goolsby Leadership Model except:





11. Question

Briefly discuss three interdependent activities that are critical for effective leadership.


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