BUSN 258 Week 4 Midterm – Version 2

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BUSN 258 Week 4 Midterm – Version 2

Multiple Choice

  1. (TCO 1) The letter L in the acronym LIFE stands for ________.
  2. (TCO 2) Customer loyalty is:
  3. (TCO 9) Despite many similarities between them, Wal-Mart and K-Mart have very different results, largely because of “little things” that seem to result in better customer service. How do the sales of these two companies compare?
  4. (TCO 10) Customer loyalty is NOT:
  5. (TCO 3) One of the main principles behind globalization and expansion across cultural and geographic boundaries is:
  6. (TCO 4) What percent of shopping decisions are made at the point of purchase?
  7. (TCO 1) A business will lose 10—30% of its customers in what time frame?
  8. (TCO 1) A company’s culture is made up of:
  9. (TCO 6) In any conversation, many of the things we communicate are ________.
  10. (TCO 7) Which of the following factors does NOT complicate the listening process?
  11. (TCO 8) To end a call:
  12. (TCO 7) Listening is the only communication skill that is:
  13. (TCO 6) The end result of CAA is that you:
  14. (TCO 6) Taking notes during a conversation is:
  15. (TCO 13) Which of the following benefits does NOT apply to the advantages of a company using websites?
  16. (TCO 13) Which of the following is NOT a method for providing the customers with human contact despite high-tech communication systems?
  17. (TCO 13) Structured knowledge bases are:
  18. (TCO 6) The key to holding interest in a conversation is:

Essay Type

  1. (TCO 1, 4) Your author cites Ockham’s razor, a logical approach that asserts that when trying to understand a situation, the simplest explanation is usually the right one. What does this mean in the context of customer service?
  2. (TCO 7, 8) How can you keep a caller on track?
  3. (TCO 8) Explain ways to diffuse the customer’s anger or frustration.


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