BSOP 588 Midterm – Version 2 (Taken 2013)

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BSOP 588 Midterm – Version 2 (Taken 2013)

  1. (TCO A) Discuss how a fast-food restaurant could measure its quality effectiveness using each of the following definitions of quality: product-based, user-based, value-based, and manufacturing-based.
  2. (TCO B) Explain each of the following statements as they apply to modern quality management.
  3. (TCO A) Explain the three core principles of total quality.
  4. (TCO H) Discuss how front-line employees are critical to customer assessment of service quality. Identify the challenges faced by front-line employees.
  5. (TCO B) Cite two ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality.
  6. (TCO C) Deming states that knowledge is not possible without theory, and experience alone does not establish a theory. Explain this statement as it applies to management decision making.


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