BSOP 330 Week 7 Case Study Final

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BSOP 330 Week 7 Case Study Final

Question 1. Which variations in demand for police services should be considered in an aggregate plan for resources? Which variations can be accomplished with short-term scheduling adjustments?

Question 2. Evaluate the current staffing plan. What does it cost? Are 26 officers sufficient to handle the normal workload?

Question 3: Determine the cost of the Chiefs plan. Do you need to implement the Chief’s plan or can the current staff handle the load? Explain your thinking

Question 4: From the data in the case, determine the schools current cost to provide police services during football games.

Question 5: There isn’t any one right answer for this question. This a critical thinking question. Based on what you have read and the scheduling and costs you put together, what do you see as alternatives for the manning the schedule.



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